A downloadable game for Windows

Known bugs: 

- Final boss can sometimes not take damage.

- Restarting after dying can bring errors which disable weapon switching.

-Sometimes the skybox won't spawn.

My second game jam gam, teamed up with Seanny, Garlicnoodles, and Zach for this one.

Seanny set up the project, Zach did the music and some of the sound effects, and Garlic and I did the graphics, code, and some sound effects. Please let us know your feedback! 

The source code can be found at this link: https://github.com/seanny/Project-Space


The Good Astronaut.zip 9 MB
The Good Spaceman.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip and run the application that is 20 mb. The 9 mb one is the broken webgl version. Thanks. 

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